Charter Or Commercial?

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At any given time on any given day there are thousands of airplanes in the sky taking people to thousands of destinations throughout the world. Some of these planes are commercial airliners that carry hundreds of people at a time to vacation spots, on business trips or on trips home each day, and some of them are charters, specifically rented out to take people on vacation, on a business trip or home again. Charter jets and commercial airlines both do the same thing, but it is how they do it that can make the choice of which way you want to travel the next time you leave home an easier one.

When you fly commercial you have to leave whenever the plane is scheduled to leave. If it is delayed you have to wait, and many airlines have specific rules regarding when you should be at the airport ready to go, sometimes these include waits that are measured in hours, not minutes. Furthermore, at major airports you will find thousands of people and tons upon tons of luggage, do you know where your bag

Exploring The City of Big Shoulders

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Chicago Overview

The city is a global hub for commerce, finance, industry, telecommunications, transportation and technology. In 2012, Chicago was listed as an alpha global city by the Globalization and World Cities Research Network and also ranked seventh in the world in the 2014 Global Cities Index. The city also has the third largest Gross Metropolitan Product in the country at over $630 billion.

The city also has an opulent culture in novels, visual arts, film, music and theater. It also has several nicknames such as the Windy City, Chi-Town, Second City and the City of Big Shoulders.

Best Tourist Spots to Explore

The charming city of Illinois offers such wide range of touring and sightseeing opportunities that you will be flooded with choices. The art and history buffs will find much to discover with Art Institute of Chicago, The Field Museum, Richard H. Driehaus Museum, Chicago Riverwalk, Oriental Institute Museum and Garfield Park Conservatory.

You can also savor some spectacular architecture with Skydeck Chicago – Willis Tower, Chicago Cultural Center, Holy Name Cathedral, Robie House, Tribune Tower, Wrigley Building and The Rookery.

The nature lovers can delight themselves

Aircraft Engine Technology

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Jet engines move the airplane forward with a great force that is produced by a tremendous push and causes the plane to fly very fast. All jet engines which are also called gas turbines work on the same theory. The broad definition of jet engines includes turbojets, turbofans, rockets, ramjets and pulse jets. Commonly, the term jet engine refers to an internal combustion jet engine. Modern subsonic jet aircraft uses high bypass turbofan engines. These engines provide high-speed and greater fuel efficiency.

Jet engines have propelled cars and a turbofan powered car that currently holds the land speed record. Jet engine designs are often customized for non aircraft applications, as industrial gas turbines and marine power plants. These are also used in electrical power generation, for powering water, natural gas, oil pumps, etc. This also provides propulsion for ships and locomotives. Industrial gas turbines can produce up to fifty thousand shaft horsepower. Most of the engines are derived from older military turbojets.

In aircraft engine technology, a modern aircraft has several electrical instruments for maintaining the aircraft on course and at the proper altitude. Modern twin and four engine aircraft too have two sets of fuel gauge instruments. Moreover, they also

Aviation Headsets & Their Importance To Pilots

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An aviation headset is a device that shields us from long-term hearing problems and helps to keep us connected to our team as well as the air traffic control system. Incredibly, we see that pilots often figure out how to deal with a headset that does not meet specific needs. Many are irritated with their present comfortableness and constantly experience headaches and ear pain to begin disruption and reduced safety. Other pilots are frustrated with headset equipment failures and also have completely exchanged functionality away for longevity. Many other pilots are influenced by brand image as well as the presumption that the highest price is equal to the most beneficial product.

Our headsets are instruments used worldwide by pilots and flight crew members flying anything from military transports, helicopters, business aircraft. Although the objectives are as varied as the aircraft being controlled, most of us became pilots beyond a desire for flight. Never allow a headset with a lack of comfort or durability to rob that enthusiasm.

Standard flight classes last from one to two hours. Cross country flights are usually a lot longer. Either way, you’ll need a headset that’s relaxing. Nothing can eliminate the fun of flying such as

Trip Report From Frankfurt to Moscow Via Moldova

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Hello dear readers,

Today I am taking you on a journey with a lesser known airline. It does not have a first class cabin or a particular polished service, but for a European airline it is one of the more exotic ones and for sure a pleasant ride.

Air Moldova is the national airline of the republic of Moldova and currently has a fleet of two A320, two E190LR and one A319. Further on they also currently charter an A320 of the Greek ACMI operator Olympus Airways. Currently they serve quite a few cities in Europe, but also some Russian and Turkish destinations from their hub in KIV (Chisinau).

I took the route from Frankfurt to Moscow via Chisinau, as they used to offer quite attractive fares and perfect flight times.

So let’s travel a bit!

To get to Frankfurt I have basically 4 options: To get there by car, but to pay a fortune for parking, no thanks! To catch a long distance bus, with their ever lasting delays, also no thanks. And then to take the train, either the regional one without transfer or the long distance ICE with a transfer. The ICE with a transfer is still half an hour faster

The Stages of US Airline Deregulation

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I. Regulation

Although US airline deregulation was initially envisioned as leading to an increased number of carriers whose divergent service concepts, market segments, fleets, and route structures would have produced new competition, stimulated traffic, and lowered fares, it ultimately came full cycle and only resulted in virtual monopoly. Three distinct stages occurred during its evolution.

The regulation itself traces its origin to 1938 when Congress adopted the Civil Aeronautics Act. Its resultant five-member Civil Aeronautics Board (CAB), formed two years later in 1940, regulated fares, authorized routes, awarded subsidies, and approved interline agreements, among other functions.

“Regulation, by definition, substitutes the judgment of the regulator for that of the marketplace,” according to Elizabeth E. Bailey, David R. Graham, and Daniel P. Kaplan in their book, Deregulating the Airlines (The MIT Press, 1985, p. 96).

So regulated had the environment been, in fact, that an airline often had to resort to the purchase of another carrier just to obtain its route authority. Delta Air Lines, for example, long interested in providing nonstop service between New York and Florida, continually petitioned the CAB for the rights. But the regulatory agency felt that Northeast, a small local service carrier often plagued by low traffic, financial loss,

Things to Check Out Before Hiring A Private Charter Jet Company

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Chartering a private jet is no longer an uphill task and neither is it as expensive as it is reported to be. The private aviation industry has been undergoing a huge change and is in the process of making its facilities available to one and all. The sheer number of advantages that the private aviation industry provides makes it a winner over the traditional commercial liner. The popularity of the aviation industry has attracted several private jet charter service providers but not everyone is here to ensure your comfort. A good percentage of the private jet charter services want to make loads of profit and have thus cashed in on the popular trend.

This makes it important to check the service provider before hiring and you can do this by checking a few important conditions.

Recommendation or Reputation: A company’s reputation is its biggest yardstick to measure its quality of service. You can very easily decide whether the jet service provider is worth hiring if you only check its reputation or enquire about it. It is obvious that the higher reputation or recommendation that a company enjoys the better is its service. So check for reputation first and half of your