New Age Luxury Travel


The present luxury travelers are looking for new and unique experiences. They want to learn and understand the culture and history of the places they visit. They must experience it like a local, or more aptly, a very wealthy local.

The new aspect of luxury vacation, it’s no longer about living in the most expensive hotels or eating off gold (or actually eating it); it’s now about experiencing that you’ll never forget that no one else has Instagrammed.

A choice that could provide you a real new experience in terms of the modern meaning of luxury travelling is a private sailing cruise on a luxury yacht. A cruise like this in the Aegean Sea and especially in the Cyclades island group can provide an authentic experience of the town, city or village you’re visiting.

Although there will always be “must see” tourist spots to go to, you could also live authentic and local experiences. For instance, on the islands you are going to visit you could participate in events that locals would frequent, like local festivals with music, dance, food and drink.

For those who love to

Charter Or Commercial?


At any given time on any given day there are thousands of airplanes in the sky taking people to thousands of destinations throughout the world. Some of these planes are commercial airliners that carry hundreds of people at a time to vacation spots, on business trips or on trips home each day, and some of them are charters, specifically rented out to take people on vacation, on a business trip or home again. Charter jets and commercial airlines both do the same thing, but it is how they do it that can make the choice of which way you want to travel the next time you leave home an easier one.

When you fly commercial you have to leave whenever the plane is scheduled to leave. If it is delayed you have to wait, and many airlines have specific rules regarding when you should be at the airport ready to go, sometimes these include waits that are measured in hours, not minutes. Furthermore, at major airports you will find thousands of people and tons upon tons of luggage, do you know where your bag

Exploring The City of Big Shoulders


Chicago Overview

The city is a global hub for commerce, finance, industry, telecommunications, transportation and technology. In 2012, Chicago was listed as an alpha global city by the Globalization and World Cities Research Network and also ranked seventh in the world in the 2014 Global Cities Index. The city also has the third largest Gross Metropolitan Product in the country at over $630 billion.

The city also has an opulent culture in novels, visual arts, film, music and theater. It also has several nicknames such as the Windy City, Chi-Town, Second City and the City of Big Shoulders.

Best Tourist Spots to Explore

The charming city of Illinois offers such wide range of touring and sightseeing opportunities that you will be flooded with choices. The art and history buffs will find much to discover with Art Institute of Chicago, The Field Museum, Richard H. Driehaus Museum, Chicago Riverwalk, Oriental Institute Museum and Garfield Park Conservatory.

You can also savor some spectacular architecture with Skydeck Chicago – Willis Tower, Chicago Cultural Center, Holy Name Cathedral, Robie House, Tribune Tower, Wrigley Building and The Rookery.

The nature lovers can delight themselves

Fly First Class at Tempting Prices

To put it straight, this is the most superior and deluxe class offered, although a number of airlines have now introduced higher classes of travel.

If you book First Class flights, you enjoy a number of special services that you can only dream of in the lower classes of travel such as –

Pre- Boarding – Premium lounges equipped with splendid furnishings and gourmet cuisines make the pre- boarding feels no less than a luxury vacation. Personalized chauffeured services and smoother check -in process are also some of the limitless benefits offered.

World Class Seats – Cozy and comfortable recliner seats loaded with number of facilities are provided to the passengers. These super comfy seats on a number of airlines also offer massage facilities and thus make your air journey much more savoring and inspiring.

Glutton Meals – Many of us have a hard time finishing the unpleasant meals offered to us on course our flight but this would now be the least of your concerns. In this class, a lot of airlines employ professional chefs who make some mouthwatering meals along with their special recommendations and also cater to the passenger’s individual requests as well.

Now the most probable question that arises is

Bandung attractions for tourists

Bandung is one of the biggest cities in Indonesia. It is the capital city of West Java Province. Bandung has a lot of great places to be visited in any time. It is not only has the beautiful open vista, but it also offers so many attractions which is one of a good ideas to be visited. Surrounded by many green fertile mountains, today you may see bandung attractions is one of the Indonesia’s centers to learn and know so many unique things about the creativity. Nowadays, Bandung is a kind of Indonesia’s most prestigious university towns.

As people know about climate in Bandung, it grew soon into a town with friendly climate and has wealthy planters who have many miles plantations of cinchona, coffee, and tea. In the fertile hills of West, Java, Bandung has vegetable gardens and beautiful fruit orchards. Today, Bandung becomes the center of producing textile mills in the business of Indonesia’s textiles to be worn in fashion show, linen and also upholstery. Bandung offers many trendy fashion wear, which is why it is called as”Paris Van Java”. This is sold with reasonable prices in its myriad factory outlets, a distinct European-style atmosphere which is combines

Understanding Airline Safety in Today’s World

Airline Safety is on the top of everyone’s mind after a bad apple got into a Germanwings’ flight crew and created a very sad and disturbing event. This isolated incident was the handiwork of a deranged person and is not indicative of the mindset of professional Aircrew members.

As frightening as this event was, if one believes there is an industry-wide safety problem here, then he likely does not understand what pilots actually do.

It is easy to leap to the conclusion that because of the acts of one deranged European Co-Pilot, having technology flying the airplane would be better, safer. Firstly, odds say there is not a systemic issue here and secondly, reasoning suggests one must accept there will always be some element of risk in flying. As a 40 year veteran with General Aviation and Commercial Airline experience, I am confident when I say to you “Airline Safety requires considerably more in its composition than just technology.”

So you ask, “don’t airliners just fly themselves?” Well, yes, and no, really. Technology or not, “pilots are always the ones flying the airplane.”

In keeping with these thoughts, it is necessary we accept the fact there is always risk in about everything we

Should You Visit the Dealership When Buying an RV?

Because it’s 2016, many individuals are finding themselves doing things all on their own. Instead of visiting a mechanic, people are using the Internet to diagnose their own car problems. Instead of going to the doctor for medication, people are trying out new at-home natural methods of treatment for minor health problems. Instead of buying a car or RV from a dealership, people are using selling websites to purchase their vehicles off of.

When buying a used vehicle online, it can always be a gamble. Unfortunately, not everyone is honest with their vehicle history, and even if they are, without warranties and other important vehicle information, you are simply relying on the hope that it will continue running successfully. Before making your next RV purchase, you should weigh out the pros and cons of each and decide what is best for you.

Buying Private

While buying from a private owner, you are already aware of the risk that is associated with buying a used RV that has no warranty attached to it. You will be responsible for all of the maintenance, regardless of the problem, and any other issues you may encounter during your ownership. You can always look at the miles to

A Ride Along The Jet City

Seattle Overview

Seductive views, lush greenery and vibrant streets are some of the features of Washington metropolitan also known as “The Jet City”, Seattle. With a population of near about 690,000 residents, it is the largest city in the state of Washington and also in the Pacific Northwest region of North America.

In 2013, it was voted as the fastest growing major city in the U.S. The city is located on an isthmus between Lake Washington and Puget Sound, about 100 miles south of the United States – Canada border. The emerald city is a major commercial getaway for trade with Asia and is the third largest port in terms of container handling in North America.

Also known as “Rain City”, Seattle has a notable musical history. Between 1918 and 1951, almost two dozen nightclubs existed by Jackson Street from the present Central District to the Chinatown/International District. The jazz scene contributed to the early careers of the likes of Quincy Jones, Ray Charles, Ernestine Anderson, and others. It is also the birthplace of famous rock musician Jimi Hendrix and also the alternative rock subgenre grunge.

Top Tourist Attractions to Explore

The affluent city of Seattle offers a wide range of points of interests

Why Has Emirates Been Awarded the “Best Airline” Title in the Skytrax 2016 Awards List?

Emirates has been named the best airline in the world by Skytrax, the leading consumer aviation website for the year 2016. The Dubai-based airline was given the award at the recently concluded Farnborough Air Show. Emirates has garnered the honor for the fourth time in the last 15 years. The airline had started the winning strategy in 2013. This year the airline dismounts Qatar Airways to get the honor.

What Makes Emirates Special?

When it comes to the Middle East, everything is extraordinary and spells class and luxury, the same goes for Emirates Airlines. From the designer uniforms of the crew and support staff to the onboard food and beverages, Emirates stands apart in all criteria when compared to other airlines.

The amenities that make Emirates special are:

Private Suites – Emirates flights have the hotel like rooms with private space for passengers comfort, convenience, and relaxation.

Shower Spas – Doesn’t matter if you are a business or leisure traveller, the shower spas will allow you to get down fresh and prepared at your destination.

Exclusive Onboard Lounges – If you ever have visited any Emirates airport lounge, you will know why it has been declared the best. The lounges have spas, food buffets, relaxing

How to Find Freelance Travel Writing Jobs

There are Travel Content Writers heading out in searching out the best freelance travel writing jobs suitable for them based on their expertise, preference and past experience etc. There are number of online platforms freely available for Travel Content Writers, to find out the travel writing jobs. But the thing is to adopt a perfect methodology in finding out and getting into it. Below mentioned are the methods and tips associated in finding freelance travel writing jobs.


To answer the need of question ‘travel writer wanted!’ kind of advertisements, it is recommended to respond with some work samples i.e. a portfolio. Many writers are hired for Travel Freelance Content Writing Jobs on the basis of their blogs, internships they did or other unpaid work.

To network successfully online, a blog is required that shows off the writing skills. It could include written articles for fun as well as paid work and travel photographs. Making the use of Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, or linking up with other travel blogs is appreciated. It will be beneficial if one could link up with the